Butschal (Buczacki, Buczaccy, Buczac)

Baworowski herb
A gold arrow is set vertically on a field of blue. The point of the arrow is broken and bent to the left. The blade of a sword crosses its center. The end of the arrow is split and between the split ends is the numeral 8. Five ostrich plumes rise from the helmet. This is according to Paprocki (fol. 1212) and Okolski (v. 1). WACLAW from Baworowo, of Czech parentage, was the first to bring this coat of arms to Poland. He distinguished himself in the court of King Zygmunt I and was awarded the post of crown clerk in the field where he was feared by the enemy and loved by the Polish cavalry. He purchased or funded a castle and town with its neighboring villages in Podole and names it BAWOROWO. He married Katarzyna KOLANOWSKA, heiress of Iwaniec, whose daughter ANNA married BUCZACKI. (She was the mother of Buczacki, the sub-prefect of Bar, and others).

JAN, the son of the Waclaw and Katarzyna, became a knight.
Waclaw's second wife was Elzbieta, princess of Zbara and sister of Stefan, voivode of Trock, whose daughter Anna married Alexander Korybutowicz, Prince of Poryce. (paprocki, fol. 652).
Her son, Mikolaj, captain of the cavalry, manifested great courage under fire and successfully defended the castles at Baworow and Ostrow from incursions by the Tartars. He married Malgorzata Skarbek and their progeny followed in his glorious footsteps. In 1593, the crown granted Mikolaj a sum to repair the damage done to his property by the enemy's expeditions.

ANNA, daughter of JACEK, married Stafan Podhorodenski, swordbearer of Mielno, around 1697.

JOZEF, whose wife is from Jordanow, still lives. SZYMON, his brother, married to Treszkowska, had no children. JERZY is the third brother.

Wieladek lists the following:

WIKTOR BAWOROWSKI, councilman of the provinces of Galacia and lodomeria, knight of the Order of St. Stanislaus.

ALOIZY, master of the pantry of Trembowole; formerly, cupbearer of Halicz, 1673. Krasicki notes an ONUFRY BAWOROWSKI who married Charczewska, castellan heiress to Balice property in Przemysl. In 1778, they had a son, Jan and two daughters.

this article is a direct translation from the classic Genealogical and Heraldic reference "Herbarz Polski" by Kasper Niesiecki S.J., (Lipsk) edition 1839-46.



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