Butschal (Buczacki, Buczaccy, Buczac)

Family of Buczacki is very old, whose men blood was not enough, we can read about it in differnet stories, they loved their fatherland, as he recalls first:

GABRYEL who was a starost of Kamieniec in 1260.
MIKOLAJ voivode of Podole, recalled in many stories and crown prerogatives.
JERZY and JAN, who were killed by Wal(l)achians (Wolosi), they are mentioned very much in stories.
MICHAL BUCZACKI castellan of Halicz is mentioned in many notes, he is also mentioned probably by Kromer in books 29, letter 452; Michal Buczacki is also mentioned by the same historian in books 21 with piteous words : "Ibi...". You can read about him in many other places in the history. About Michal Buczacki starost of Sniatyn read Kromer's books 28, whom he recalls because of his courage and fame.
TEODOR who was a governer of Podole province during the king Wladyslaw reign, is mentioned by Kromer in books 22, letter 512. And books 20. In these books the historician writes about him: " Quos ... ". And in many other places in the history you will read about him. JAKOB bishop of Plock, and many other noble-minded people from this family, and meritorious for Rzeczpospolita (Poland), are mentioned in many stories, prerogatives, and other notes as magnates.

Jazlowiecki family are from Buczac, but only because of women in this family this Buczac was theirs. In my days Jerzy was a voivode of Rus and crown hetman of Lubaczow, of Sniatyn, starost of Czerwonogrod, who served much for the fatherland. When he was a hetman the enemy could never come to Rus, what happened many times after his death; we will talk about it below. He was an envoy to turkish emperors from the king August. No other hetman led the army against the enemy as far as he did. And it was in 1571. Hearing about strong pagans coming from Moscow with great gains, fearing that they could do harm to his fatherland, he went on May 16 that year and was going against them as far as to Kijow (Kiev). He came to Miedzyborze on 22, to Chmielnik on 23. Next they spent a night near Ulanow leaving Chmielnik on 28. There was only 3 miles to the border, not the border of all the countries in polish kingdom but polish crown only, in Dabrowa Slobodyska, 1 mile from Chmielnik to Biala Cerkiew were ranges: Kozuchowa Dabrowa, small town of Slobodyska, Chorostenka, Wzerazne, Wiwa river, Rohozno, Poddorochami grove where Tatars liked to come to, and our army also (who was the first ?), Kamienica river, Rastawica river, where famous man Strus was killed. They came to Biala Cerkiew on June 3, there they were going through the ranges, first grave-mound Perepetowo, Mihalhowa Dabrowa, Kolicianka, Stuhna, Borszczowka, Wijeta, Horodyszcze, Kijow, and from Chmielnik to Kijow there was 47 "podole" miles. This Kijow city has rivers close to each other, Dniepr, Psiol, Orynin, Trypol, Tasmin, Rossawa, Prypet, Mosna, Ros. They left Kijow on June 18, went through the fields towards Ingulec and big Ingul, waiting were advancing through these ranges. Ahead Nastaska, Stuhna, Hankowa, Olszanica, Krasnaja river, Katanlyk, Ressawa, where Tatar's route falls into Ros, Ostrik, Kurhan, guarding by Kijow's guard, Jawlodowa valley, Krasny Ryg, Bajeraki, Bojatyna, Miedwieze "holowy"(?), Prohi "narosy"(?), Horodyszcze, Korson, Olszanka, Olszanica, Sacharow, Kurhan, Hromosibnoje, Perenothe Lebidynskoje, big tatar track, three Tasliki, Lebedyn, where they left the camp, and after they had changed the cloths they went through the fields and ranges towards Jasmin, Holy forest, Las "nierubajek"(?), Tasmin upper, Kosenki, Czarny forest from Lebedowo, Ingulce, Three baths, Ingul, Boltoskowa forest, without Bajaraka 2 miles. There they turned to Cyrkasy, crssed the Tasmin river,16 miles to Cyhryn.There was a new castle, called Kitaj Horodek, Cyrkasy founded by Ostafiej. The enemy had come so far making great harm to the knights so finally they escaped. They turned to Kaniow 7 miles, and took this route, crossing the rivers when possible : Czartowaja, Mohila, Skaratul, Ostafiowe Kolodezy, Radymanow, Pereaslan, Horodyszcze, Treboszny. They had come to Kaniow on July 11, to Biala Cerkiew 12 miles. From Bezbajeraki 7 days on foot to saven Bajerakis. From there 1 day on foot to Pieszczany Brod, and from there close to Bukowoje Bajeraki. They crossed the rivers Nieprze, Bazawluk, which is 35 miles from Cyrkasy, Bielo Ozerski 47 miles from Cyrkasy, Chortycza 40 miles. They had come to Pikowo, town of Filon Kmita Czarnobilski voivode of Smolensk etc. on July 14. To Chmielnik, next to Winnice on 20 of the same month. To Bar on 22.

Next everybody to his own home. Some people were complaining because of all the damages his soldiers had done, doubting that Tatars went away because of him, but others who knew everything very well were giving evidence in his favour. But according to common story that one who has damage has also sin because of worry people classify their guilt as guilty or non guilty. In many places you will read about this good hetman and true lover of rzplta (eg Rzeczpospolita, eg.Poland), things which should make him unforgettable.

He with his wife Tarlowna from Topor family left following descendants:

Michal starost of Chmielnik, short man but with a great and lucky heart (spirit) against great enemy. Died in 1582.
Mikolaj starost of Sniatyn, who as a young man served to fatherland and Rzeczpospolita, paying big price for it. He captured Jankula with his many knights, and brought them to Lwow, where his head was cut off on king Stefan's order, we will talk about it.
Andrzej starost of Czerwonogrod, who died early.
Hieronim and few daughters, first - wife of Marcin Czurylo captain of hourse, about whom you will read where we talk about Wreby, next - Wolska in Podchajce, and other girls.



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