The Yazlovetskis is the family of nobility of the arms " Abdank". Together with their relatives Buchatski they were the first Polish colonizators of Podillia.

The family got it's name from the town Yazlovets near Letichiv.
The first "didich" of Yazlovets in the middle of XVth century was Theodor Buchatskiy, the Head of Kamenets.

His son Mikhal, the governor of Podillia, was killed in the battle with tatars in 1438. The same was the destiny of another representative of the family -

Bartolomey Buchatskiy, who was the Head of Podillia. At the beginning of XVIth century the family of Buchatski was on the decline and the town of Yazlovets became the property of Mikola Siniavskiy and later on - of Yazlovetskiy. Ezi Yazlovetskiy was the fifth great crown hetman of Rich Pospolita who became famous after the battles with tatars. They were in 1528 near Kamenets and next year nearThe battle of the Polish hussars with Turks. (The fragment of Martin Almonte painting)Ochakiv. Up to the last days of his life Yazlovetskiy was the defender of steppe borders. For many years he was the owner of the territories of the Head of Kamenets and he also was the governor of Podillia. In 1564 Ezi went to Istanbul to sultan Suleiman Kanuni (Pomp) with diplomatic mission. Ezi Yazlovetskiy had four sons and nearly all of them followed their father. Mikhal Yazlovetskiy became the Hmelnik Head at the end of XVIth century; Mikolay Yazlovetskiy succeeded at some military actions on the Polish-Moldavian border and was granted the privilege on some Podolian towns. The Yazlovetskis, like real "border barons", often worked together with Ukrainian Cossacks. The youngest son of Ezi Yazlovetskiy - the governor of Podillia, Ieronim - became famous due to his military skillfulness. The contemporaries compared him with the prince of Ancient Rus - Sviatoslav. They said, that battles were just for fun for him, his home was a string of carts, his armchair was his horse, his hauberk was his clothes. After the death of Ieronim Yazlovetskiy in 1607 the family didn't exist any more.

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