The Lantskoronskiís is one of the ancient Polish nobiliary families known from the second half of XIV century. The arms of the family of Lantskoronski Coat of arms "Zadora"is Zadora (in a light-blue field there is a head of lion, from his open graze the fire goes out. The same head of a lion is repeated on the helmet).

The most known representative of family was Predslav Lantskoronskiy - Head of Khmelnitskiy of the times of the Polish king Sigizmund I (first half of XVI century). Beyond any reasonable doubt this historical person is surrounded with a halo of legends, and consequently it is difficult for the researchers to define, what in the stories about Lantskoronski is the truth, and what is fiction.

Together with Ostafiy Dashkovich and Bernard Pretvich, Dmytro Bayda Vishnevetskiy and Kostiantin Ostrozkiy, Predslav Lantskoronskiy was a real "baron of the border" (the known Ukrainian historian Panteleymon Kulish named him so), real warrior and organizer, who rescued steppe boundaries of Podillia from Crimeans and nogaytsi for manyThe fragment of A. Vesterfeld's painting years. In these actions he actively "cooperated" with Cossacks groups, it is possible therefore that the title of the first hetman of Cossacks was given to Lantskoronskiy according to historical tradition, but actually it is improbable. In 1516 Predslav Lantskoronskiy carried out a joint campaign on Belgorod-Dniestrovskiy (Akerman) together with Head of Cherkassk Ostafiy Dashkovich, and in 12 years (in 1528) the soldiers of Lantskoronskiy attacked Ochakiv. Probably, the Head did not like to sit in fortress and he always reacted the aggressor's attacks.

In later times the Lanzkoronskiís continued to remain one of the most influential families of Podillia and Bratslavshchina. At the end of XVI - beginning of XVII centuries Stanislav Lantskoronskiy occupied the post of the governor of Podillia, and his grandson - also Stanislav - in 1650 has received Bratslav government, and soon he became a crown "polnyi" hetman.


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