The fortune of the Chartoriyski’s(Czartoryski)family is typical for dictatorial Ukrainian aristocratic families. Like the Ostrozki’s, the Chartoriyski’s act Coat of arms "Pogonia"as apologists of Orthodoxy long period of time, and subsequently, by accepting Catholic, ttok rank with the powerful clan of Rich Pospolita.

In XVIII century on Right-bank Ukraine nobody could compare his riches and political influence with them (probably, only the family of Pototski could compete in this with the Chartoriyski’s). Princes Chartoriyski - Volynsk family of the arms Pogonia. Their origin comes from the son of Lithuanian prince Olgerd - Korigelli.

A patrimonial manor is aThe Great Lithuanian Prince Svidrygailosmall town Chartoriysk near Lutsk. The Chartoriyski’s rather early came on east-Podillian territory. In the middle of XV century Ivan Chartoriyskiy has become the member of the council of Svidrigaylo, who was at that time the Volynsk apanage prince. And as between Volyn and Bratslavshchina there were close relations, and Svidrigaylo in his political activities always based on east-Podillian boyars, it was not surprising, that the Chartoriyski’s began to influence actively on the events, which occurred on this territory. So, the brother of Ivan Chartoriyskiy Mikhaylo, marshalok of the yard of Svidrigaylo, in 1452 has received a post of Bratslavski general.

The following two generations of the family of Chartoriyski also wereThe building of the Jesuit monastery and collegium in Vinnitsa closely connected with East Podillia. At the end of XVI century prince Uriy (Ezi) Chartoriyskiy had accepted " latin belief " and gave the significant material help to Jesuit collegium in Vinnitsa, founded by Valentiy-Olexander Kalinovski.

His son Mykola in 1655-1657 was on the position of Podolsk governor of province, and the grandson - Mikhaylo Chartoriyski - in 1658 was nominated to the post of the governor of Bratslavshchina.

At the end of XVII-XVIII centuries so-called branch of Chartoriyski-Koretski came to Bratslavshchina. Its representatives have achieved there huge influence due to there riches and connections at the Warsaw yard. Stanislav Kostka Chartoriyski has received a post of the huntsman of Bratslavshchina province and was elected to the post of the ambassador of the electoral seim in 1733. His son Josef-Klemens has become the last descendant of that branch.

At the end of XVIII century Adam-Kasimir from other branch of the house of Chartoriyski occupied a post "of the general of Podillian lands " (as once Valentiy-Àlexander Kalinovskiy did). In XIX century the Chartoriyski’s kept the power and the influence on the Ukrainian lands, in Poland and at the imperial yard in St. Petersburg for a long time

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