is the historical region in the south west of Ukraine.

It is the territory of modern Vinnitsa, Khmelnitskiy, partly Ternopil, Kirovograd, Odessa and Cherkassi regions.
In old times it was called Pobuzhia and Podniestrovia because of the main rivers of the territory.
From the beginning of the XIIth century under the name of "Ponizzia" the region became part of Galitsko-Volinskiy principality.


Noble Families



In the middle of XIVth century the Lithuanian period of the history of the region began.

At the same time there appeared the name "Podolian land". As the result of Polish-Lithuanian war the territory of Western Podillia with Kamenets as the center became part of Polish kingdom (1434). The eastern part of Podillia (Bratslavshchina) remained in Lithuanian principality. Lublin Union (1569) proclaimed the formation of a new state - Rich Pospolita which united Lithuania and Poland. Podillia and Bratslavshchina where parts of that state as provinces.

The events of Liberation War of the middle of XVIIth century changed greatly the future of Podolian lands, caused the formation of new administrative - territorial units in Ukrainian Cossack state.

But at the beginning of the XVIIIth century Podillia and Bratslavshchina were returned to Rich Pospolita and remained there up to the end of the century (to the second division of Poland in 1793).
We will tell you about the family of nobility that were connected with Podillia and Bratslavshchina for nearly five centuries; we will visit castles and fortresses of the Middle Ages which defended steppe Borders of Ukraine from hordes; we will invite you to the underground passages fool of mystery and puzzles.

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